RV Solar Panel Kits

People who love hitting the open road in an RV can read this and find out about the many benefits of RV solar panel kits they can get to provide off grid power wherever they go. RV solar kits are readily available and very cost effective these days thanks to great leaps in solar technology advances made in recent years.

Electricity generated by your own photovoltaic panels harnessing the power of the sun is a really great feeling. It can turn out to be an essential means of getting power to your RV's appliances if you happen to stop someplace where you can't hook up to the main supply.

Freedom to Self Generate

solar panel kits fo RVsLet's face it, one of the true beauties of traveling in an RV is the freedom to stop wherever you choose as long as you're not breaking any local by-laws. Being able to generate your own electricity puts the finishing touches on that freedom because it means you're not restricted to stopping where there is a main power supply!

This article takes a look at the way in which solar energy can be harnessed with simple to install kits to turn your RV into a truly unfettered, unrestricted freedom machine!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

There are two main types of solar panels in everyday operation that we need to be concerned about here. And to be able to make a distinction between so we know what we're talking about, we need to know the difference.

One kind are the "solar panels" that are used to heat water using the heat of the sun focused through glass onto heat absorbing material such as metal pipes running through the panel. These are mainly seen on homes for producing domestic hot water during the daylight hours.

The other kind of "solar panel" is the type that is used for producing electricity by converting the sun's light energy into an electrical charge that is stored in batteries or in some cases used directly for powering small, low voltage appliances. These are what most people envisage when they hear the term, "solar panels".

Converting Light into Electricity

Each panel is made up of a latticework of small light converting cells, which are joined together to produce an electric current at between 14-17v DC. Each of these cells are called photovoltaic cells and the panels, "photovoltaic panels."

Because the panels produce 14-17v DC current, they are ideal for hooking up to 12v batteries that can store the charge. The slightly higher voltage is needed to cause the batteries to recharge. It is similar to how a car battery gets recharged by the alternator that's driven by the engine.

What it means is that by producing your own electricity while the sun is in the sky, you can use the stored electricity when it gets dark to run lights and low powered appliances. Many solar RV kits come with a power inverter which converts the battery's 12v DC into 110 (or 220) volts AC to run higher powered appliances that require a mains supply.

Depending on the capacity of the batteries and the size of the photovoltaic array, you can run lights and appliances as you need them without needing mains power.

RV Solar Panel Kits to Buy

People who own an RV and love the concept of total freedom to go wherever they want will also love the idea of using solar panels to generate their electricity. Being your own mini energy generating station means you can set down in remote places where there is no mains electric connection and still enjoy all the benefits and conveniences that your RV has to offer!

But did you also know that you can now buy solar panel kits for RVs online? In recent years, the prices of these specialist kits have fallen to make them very affordable for anyone wanting to take advantage of the extra freedom they can give you.

Read on to see exactly where you can get some great deals on some amazing RV solar kits online, such as Amazon. Yes, the biggest online retailer in the world also sells solar panel kits for RVs and they can offer them at really good prices along with free shipping in most areas.

We also look at the benefits to be had from getting your own solar electricity generating panel kits and why you would use them with you RV!

Solar Panel Benefits, Why's and Wherefore's

The first major benefit to having solar panels for your RV is the extra freedom they provide. Think driving to remote spots to take in some really amazing scenery but having to do without the comforts and conveniences of a regulation camp ground with a power hook up.

Solar panels will produce the electricity you need to run your lights via a battery at a minimum, plus any essential electrical equipment as well without needing mains power. This, as you can probably see is a major bonus if you like to get off the beaten track and go exploring in places that most RVers don't go.

Why use Solar Panels?

Using the sun to generate electricity is a really clean and sustainable solution to helping the environment and not using fossil fuels as a gas generator would need. Once you have paid for your solar kit, the electricity it produces from there on out is totally free.

It feels good to know you're running your electrical equipment on free power that is not polluting the air or robbing the Earth of its precious resources. As the price of gas keeps rising, you can sit back and feel smug that the cost of your RV's electricity will stay at zero!

The Wherefore's?

Another big plus point is that you can run your stuff silently without the annoying drone of a generator running. There's nothing more irritating than parking up in the wilderness with only the sound of nature around you only to spoil it by firing up a noisy generator!

Lastly, it also means you don't need to carry an extra gallon or two of gas in containers just to run a generator. Just think how great it will be to not have to get all messy pouring gas into a generator's tank and inevitably spilling some of it!

Hurray for clean solar power!

Below, we can show you some examples of what solar panel kits are available at Amazon along with prices and live links that you can click to open the main page where you can get all the details, availability and shipping info as well as read customer reviews of each product to see what folks are saying about them.

Great RV Solar Kits on Amazon

Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit

For a compact solar kit that still packs a lot of punch for your money, this one from Sunforce is pretty hard to beat.

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