The Benefits of Renting and RV for Your Vacation

If you love the idea of driving off into the wild blue yonder in your own motorized home away from home, but the possibility of buying your own RV is not yet a viable option for you, then you can always rent an RV. That way, you get all of the benefits of RV ownership in a rental package.

So what are the major benefits of RV rental and what are the options available to you as a potential hirer of such a vehicle for your next vacation?

Different Kinds of Motor Home

Well, there are many types of motor home that are available to you when you rent. You can choose the size and capacity of the vehicle to match the needs of your vacation, such as the number of people travelling with you, or any special needs such as catering for people with disabilities.

In fact, it is even possible to arrange specially customized RVs for wheelchair access for those who require this option. You can pick up a rental vehicle at airports of most major cities making it a convenient option.

The A class vehicles are the largest generally and come with slide-out sides to increase the living space inside once you are stationary. Expect top of the range accessories with flat screen TV with DVD player for your evening entertainment, fully loaded kitchen to make cooking a breeze, luxury bathroom and plush sleeping area with a queen bed for your sleeping comfort.

The B class is a smaller vehicle than the "A" although it will still contain all the luxury accessories and furnishings you need for a great vacation. Easier to drive and manuver thanks to a shorter length, these coaches suit less experienced drivers of those with smaller families or couples wanting to experience the open road vacation dream.

The C Class is smaller still and based on a regular panel van chassis. As easy to drive as a van, this size of RV is perfect for couples or very small groups who don't want to drive a larger vehicle but still want all the comforts and functionality of a home away from on home wheels.

Try it For Size

One of the major benefits of renting an RV is to be able to "try before you buy" to see if you like it. This is where you can get to enjoy the whole experience of RVing without committing yourself to the major expense of purchasing if you then decide it is not really right for you.

If you had a great time and feel this is the way you want to spend the majority of your future vacations, you now have some experience to draw upon when it comes time to buy one for yourself.


Another great benefit of renting one of these magnificent vehicles is the cost itself. If you are a person who is only likely to get the use of an RV once a year for a week or two, then it can work out to be a more economic choice to rent rather than buy.

This way, you can avoid the large initial expense of the purchase cost, or the down payment and subsequent finance payments. You don't have to worry about maintenance costs and depreciation in its value, or parking restraints if you live in a community that does not allow you to park such a large vehicle in your drive.


One final benefit of renting that you may not think of straight away is that of convenience of location. If you live in Seattle and want to tour around Texas, instead of using all your vacation time driving there and back, you can fly into one of the major cities there and pick up your rental RV at the airport.

Then you can drive around at your leisure, unhurried and relaxed, then drive back to the airport and fly home when you're done. Now that's how to get maximum enjoyment from any vacation, for sure!