This page contains a list of frequently asked questions of easyrvrentals.com which come with answers to help visitors gain a better understanding of RV rentals

How Much Would Renting an RV Cost Me?

Rates will vary from company to company but a general average can be taken from the Cruise America site. During summer you can expect to pay around $190 per night while that figure drops to around $110 per night during spring and fall.

That cost assumes around 3,000 miles of travel plus state taxes which may vary from state to state. Most rental companies will refund unused miles.

What is the Minimum Number of Days/Night an RV can be Rented For?

Generally you can hire for as little as three days/nights, although the minimum may be extended to four or even five nights through summer or special holidays.

Is the Mileage Included with the Cost of Renting?

Often you'll be given the first 100 miles or so free. After that, there is a charge for extra miles. Since most RV vacations tend to take in upward of 1,000 miles you should expect to see the additional cost or around 40c per mile on your receipt.

Do I have to Pay a Security Deposit and How Much Will it Be?

There may be a security deposit that you need to pay in addition to the cost of renting and on average you should expect to pay around $500-$1,000. This amount is refundable at the end of your vacation as long as you return the vehicle in the same good condition you picked it up in.

If I need to Use the Generator, What Will I Be Charged?

Depending on the rental company rules, you may get the first few hours of usage for free with each rental. A common charge of around $3 per hour generally applies after that.

Is a Special Driver's License Needed to Drive a rented RV?

No. As long as the driver is over 25 years of age and is in possession of a valid driver's license, you're good to go.

Is an RV Difficult to Drive?

Not really. Even the large A class vehicles are surprisingly easy to drive with light, responsive steering, power brakes and smooth auto gearbox. It may take a short while to get used to driving a much larger vehicle than you're car, but once you get the hang of it, it become easy enough.

If you're concerned about the vehicle size, you might prefer to choose a smaller chassis vehicle like a C class which is on a regular van chassis. With all larger vehicles you just need to take a little extra care about the additional width and length specially when cornering.

Is there In-Vehicle Entertainment like TV, DVD, Radio, Music Player etc?

Most companies offer coaches with an AM/FM stereo and CD player in the dash. There is generally a TV and DVD player inside the motor home. You should check with the rental company for specific equipment that's installed.

Are Pets Allowed?

In most cases pets are not allowed in rental motor homes, although you can check with individual companies for exclusion clauses.

Is it OK to Travel to Canada or Mexico in a Rental RV?

You are allowed to travel from the US into Canada and back again, but not Mexico.

What Happens if I'm Involved in an Accident?

You must file a police report as soon as possible and notify the coach rental company within 24 hours of a road accident. You will need to write out a full report for mailing, fax or in some cases emailing to the rental firm.